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Praise for The Soul

Outstanding researchers and writers in the fields of consciousness studies and spirituality have high praise for George Jaidar's book, THE SOUL: AN OWNER'S MANUAL, Discovering the Life of Fullness, which explores emergent human nature and consciousness in the Post-religious era.

Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words, Meaning & Medicine, and Recovering the Soul, writes of Jaidar's book: "All truly great and enduring spiritual documents are jewel like - luminously clear and radiant. That is because Truth is simple and uncomplicated. Anyone who reads THE SOUL: AN OWNER'S MANUAL will have found a precious gem, a treasure of immense worth. This book is about the Great Constants - those insights that have changed lives throughout human history."

Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of THE CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG, MAGICAL CHILD, and EVOLUTION'S END writes: "For generations we have needed a new framework and lexicon for talking about the human spirit, and here it is. Everything that I (and others of similar bent) have written has only groped, at best, toward what is spelled out here. With the power and assurance of personal knowing, rather than conjecture, and with an admirable simplicity and clarity of style, George Jaidar shares with us a revelation he experienced nearly a quarter of a century ago.....

Jaidar is a former academic but a generalist with a wide-ranging curiosity and a deep sense of wonder....He easily blends psychology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, science, and conventional religious terminology, as needed, to help bridge the author-reader gap.....

The structure of the book leads us quite clearly and compellingly from our common cultural plight, a life of survival, as he calls it, into that most uncommon domain of the spirit, a life of fullness.....Jaidar shows why and how our usual attempted spiritual strivings unwittingly serve our survival conditioning...and thus miss the mark of the life of fullness. No one has ever made so keen and perceptive an analysis of the human condition...."

Jaidar's exploration of soul as an emergent process of our human nature is revolutionary and enlightening, a key to the practice he outlines for aligning one's self with that process...."

Charles Tart, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at University of California, Davis, author of OPEN MIND, DISCRIMINATING MIND writes: "The constriction and craziness of the materialist Me! generation is beginning to crack as our deeper spiritual natures demand recognition and nourishment. The only solid foundation for saving a dying world is that of making our petty egos into useful tools in the hands of our deeper Spiritual Selves. But "How?" is the question. Good intentions are not enough. George Jaidar's book is one of the clearest, most sensible guides I have seen to real development: this is especially important since we have too many vague, sentimental, often misleading guidebooks which are not really practical. I strongly recommend THE SOUL: AN OWNER'S MANUAL to those seriously interested in finding and growing that deeper self."


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